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Friday, January 5, 2007

Home Ownership through Lease Option - Rent to Own Homes


Haven't been able to achieve the "American Dream" of home ownership? No matter where you turn to try to buy a home you're always "turned down" or your just "don't qualify." We cure your heartbreak through our Lease Purchase. Do you fit this scenario: you have a good job, good rental history, and could pull together $6,000 or $7,000, but you have a few glitches and blemishes on your credit report or maybe just some slow pays, a car repo, or maybe some other type of credit problem. Because you're not an "A" credit borrower the lenders are telling you that you need 10% or 15% down payment (that's a lot on a $400,000 home), closing costs (another $5,000 or so), plus you're going to get a high interest rate! After hearing that a few times most families throw in the towel.

With our Lease Purchase Program we turn your nightmares into a real dream come true.
Take the following for an example. You go to one of our open houses in the Southern California area, you fall in love with the home, and you call us saying, "I want it." At that point you fill out an application. Don't worry about this part; it's simple! We just have to verify the information. Then you fax it to us. Within 24 hours you get the answer you've dreamed of. IT'S YOURS! You're able to put down a minimum of $5,500 option fee downpayment, pay the first month's lease payment, and you're able to move in. You have simply signed a "Lease Agreement With Purchase Option," and it locks in a specific sales price, and the monthly lease amount. Plus it allows you to enjoy the home while you pull together the rest of your downpayment and clean up your credit rating. There is no long pre-qualification process, no days and days waiting for an answer, and no more rejection. The full option fee downpayment is credited back to you at closing when you're ready to get a mortgage in your name. Sometimes there is even a "rent credit" (a % of the monthly lease payment) built in that's also credited back to you a closing. Now that you're getting a clearer picture of what can take place, read the following and get really excited about your possibilities.

The Advantages of Lease Purchase

  • You usually need only about $5,500 in downpayment for homes in the $350,000 to $400,000 price range. That's nowhere near what the mortgage company wants.

  • You can move in quickly and enjoy the pride of home ownership immediately. There is no long waiting period for tons of paperwork to be done.

  • You will have time (usually 12-24 months) to arrange your finances so you can qualify for a loan, save up the rest of your downpayment, and clean up your credit rating by establishing a solid payment history during the lease period.

  • You can arrange the "Lease Agreement With Purchase Option" to allow a portion of the monthly lease payment to be credited to you at closing, thus building equity along the way.

  • The full amount of the option fee downpayment is also credited to you at closing.

  • It allows you to distance yourself from any major credit problems.

  • You can wallpaper, paint, decorate and make improvements to the property knowing that the benefits are going to be to your advantage, not a landlord's.

  • Qualification requirements are not as strict as conventional financing.

  • There are no taxes or insurance to pay, however a rental policy is recommended.

  • Repairs are covered through a Home Warranty Plan, which we usually recommend you obtain.

  • Any appreciation that the property receives is your profit if you decide to sell one day.
    You're usually able to get a fair price with great terms and have your home ownership dream come true!
If you’re looking for a home in the Southern California area, contact us, and we will give you a list of houses that we are offering "Lease Purchase" and all of the details on each one. We will help you not only find the home of your dreams, but we will help you negotiate all the aspects of purchasing a home "Lease Purchase" to your greatest advantage.

For more information call our office at 866-446-3911 ext. 620 from 9am - 5pm M-F (PST) or email Nyoko at Contact Me

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